Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I'm not going to lie... I love the boho/hippie/gypsy look.  There's just something about girls who do this look that personifies a free spirit mentality. 

Mostly, we refer to the look as Bohemian (boho for short),
 but it's inspired by the hippie movement of the 60s.  And the hippie movement of the sixties was inspired by the true Bohemians from Bohemia which is a region of the Czech Republic.  The nomadic group referred to as the Gypsies or Romany are called "bohemiens" in French (it always comes back to France, doesn't it?).  "Bohemien" came to describe the poor artists of Paris in the nineteenth century. 

The contemporary definition of Bohemian is "a person with artistic or intellectual tendencies, who lives and acts with no regard for conventional rules of behavior." I kind of like that definition -- when it comes to fashion.  

The united theme is a vibrant palette of colors and a combination of diverse styles.  It's all so chaotic, yet beautiful.    The attitude is laid back, "make art not war" and a touch of rebellion. It's jewelry as a statement, "rings on her fingers and bells on her toes" style (yes girlfriend, I just quoted a Tony Orlando song).  It's blue jeans, loose and flowy peasant blouses, fringe, beads, and headbands.

Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Nicole Richie are the Boho poster girls.

At Vignette, I think it's pretty clear that we love Boho style. From our headbands to our purses...

(Flower child anyone?)

 to our plethora of peasant blouses and jewelry...

and our vintage boots and scarves... 

we have no doubt, you'll find your boho self.

We even have a hippie stool for trying on boots!   

(post written by Lisa, owner of Vignette)

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