Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I am a Southern girl and proud of it.  Hospitality, family, good manners and a charitable spirit are hallmarks of Southern culture. Underlying all of these qualities is the importance of our faith and religious heritage.

Faith-based items are gentle reminders of who we are and symbols of what we believe.  For centuries, artists and craftsmen have used their talents to create beautiful works of religious themed art and adornment as tangible expressions of our spirituality.  

Jewelry is so personal, and faith-based jewelry even more so.  At Vignette, we have much to choose from -- whether it's a big statement piece or quietly understated.

leather and metal cuffs
leehee pendant
stamped cross earrings
necklace with hammered silver cross and pearls

hammered silver cross with chain, leather and pearls

We also have pieces created by artists from all over the world...
and the United States

Faith-based items aren't limited to just jewelry. Some of the most beautiful pieces are for our homes.  

such as this hanging cross made from wire wrapped nails... 
or these carved wooden crosses.

I always get a special thrill in my picking expeditions when I come across antique, one of a kind pieces that have a story to tell.  One can only imagine the inspiration these pieces provided in years past.

 A cameo size carving of Saint Joseph and Infant Jesus made of French Pipe Clay, a soft slightly porous material often used for art carvings and pipes in the late 1800's. 

Bronze Infant Jesus asleep on cross on marble base -- salvaged
from a French church

 Sacred Heart of Jesus gypsum statue

Faith-based creations don't just say who or what we are, they remind us of our purpose and our heritage.  So if wearing or displaying a religious piece encourages us to pass on to others the love that has been given to us, then by all means do it.  

Side Note:  I chose this photo because one of my favorite things that my mom says when her faith is being tested is
 "All we have is a page, but God has the whole scroll."

Post written by Lisa, owner of Vignette.